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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



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Vizionări: 2012 .

::exhibition 666::
poezie [ ]

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de [punk101 ]

2002-01-07  |     | 

::exhibition 666::
A new scultpure,in the early morning, arrived
beckoning critics, meanings to be derrived
a beauitful structure cast in red
emitting an inner glow, crimson shed
arms out-stretched like a crucifiction
on her knees as if forced into sunbmission
slashed were the arms, upturned to the sky
beautiful crystal jewels, the girl did cry
a sword pushed deep into her back
unleashing demons, bleeding black

art critics swarmed from far and near
intent on analising the sculpture here
\\\\\\\"It\\\\\\\'s obvious\\\\\\\" said a critic from Jersey
\\\\\\\"this is a simple depiction of a desire to be free\\\\\\\"
\\\\\\\"I disagree\\\\\\\" argued a critic from someplace else
\\\\\\\" although these wounds were made by herself
it shows society forced her into this decision\\\\\\\"
\\\\\\\"Nonsense this is purely a slander against religion
looking at how an ideology has brought oppression\\\\\\\"
\\\\\\\"Or maybe\\\\\\\" said a woman \\\\\\\" it shows a girl\\\\\\\'s tragression
rebelling against standards imposed by men
by destroying her beauty she severs ties to them\\\\\\\"
the men shook their heads in disgust
\\\\\\\"maybe it shows how now we place all our trust
on omnipotent being content to watch us suffer
and instead of making it easier, they make it tougher\\\\\\\"
\\\\\\\"or maybe it shows the damaging reliance on material objects
forcing us to be the subjects
her relief is given by a knife\\\\\\\"
\\\\\\\"or maybe she is trying to regain control on life\\\\\\\"
said i repulsant man, made obese by his greed
\\\\\\\"the presures we place on our children, demanding them to bleed\\\\\\\"

they ponder like this, arguing ideas
gaining insight shrouded by fears
the meaning of this sculpture that was sure was deep
and while they stood the the blood did seep
the statue was bleeding before their eyes
but they were too busy in their \\\\\\\'imprortant\\\\\\\' lives
to even notice the black blood staining the floor
and more slashes had appeared that weren\\\\\\\'t there before
to busy were they to hear the muffled cries of the girl
trapped as she was in her frozen world
she looked out from her cast iron prison
hearing them try to come to a decision
she held the answer that the critics had
the structure simply showed that the girl was sad

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